Dr. Wael Berro On Ways to Combat Anxiety Before Turning to Medication

Dr. Wael Berro

Dr. Wael Berro has dedicated his life to coaching health and wellness. One of the most common issues patients seek medical assistance with is anxiety. While anxiety can feel intensely personal, Dr. Wael Berro believes it is important to note that countless people battle anxiety every day. No matter how overwhelming anxiety may feel, it is not a life sentence. There are ways people can learn to ease their anxiety. While medications are on the market to assist people with anxiety, there are plenty of options for those looking to avoid taking a daily pill. Today, Dr. Wael Berro will discuss some of the top natural anxiety treatments.

One thing people outside of the medical community don’t always link to anxiety is their blood sugar level. When a person is skipping meals or eating an exorbitant amount of junk food it can lead to spikes and drops in blood sugar. This greatly impacts a person’s mood. Blood sugar issues can lead to irritability, jitteriness, and anxiety. If a person makes a dietary switch to three nutritious meals a day that are packed with foods high in fiber, fruits, veggies and nuts, they will likely find that their mood improves, and their anxiety subsides.

Sugar is just one of the common stimulants that impacts anxiety. Coffee is one of the more common culprits that raises anxiety levels. Making the switch from coffee to an herbal tea can help a person feel less wound up. Dr. Wael Berro notes that nicotine is another stimulant that people think will help them feel better but actually does more to contribute to an anxious mind.

Dr. Wael Berro believes all elements of self-care are vital to a person’s overall anxiety levels. Outside of the kitchen, sleeping patterns play a critical role in how a person feels. Lack of sleep can often be caused by anxiety, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to get a higher quality level of sleep, Dr. Wael Berro recommends training one’s body to stick to a sleeping routine. There are also different breathing exercises that can help people focus on their breath and fall into a deep, restful sleep.

Focusing on the breath is important when a person feels their anxiety start to grow. Deep breaths and purposeful inhales and exhales can help lower the heart rate and blood pressure of a person. Dr. Wael Berro understands that people can’t drop everything and meditate before an anxious situation, but they can help themselves catch their breath and refocus with just a few simple deep breaths.

How one treats their body will directly impact how they feel mentally. Regular exercise has been known to reduce stress and overall anxiety symptoms. Most people choose a gym membership, but Dr. Wael Berro recommends switching it up every now and then and taking a walk outside. Some time spent in nature will provide a person with some much-needed Vitamin D and provide an overall sense of peace.

Dr. Wael Berro implores anyone battling anxiety to speak with their primary doctor. Again, it is critical to remember that no one battling anxiety is alone. There are plenty of different treatment methods. When anxiety feels overwhelming, a person should try to remind themselves that this feeling is temporary.

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